Tuesday, November 23, 2010

IE8 - SBL-UIF-00296: You already have a web browser accessing the current web session.

Hi Friends,

With Siebel CRM recently releasing IE8 compatibility, one common issue faced on day one is
"SBL-UIF-00296: You already have a web browser accessing the current web session. Multiple browsers are not allowed to share the same web session"

No matter what you do, you are not able to open multiple Siebel instances in IE8!
Well, those who are new to IE8, there seems to be a session replication builtin which causes to replicate the session in the multiple instances you open causing Siebel to give the error.

The correct way to resolve this is to start a new IE8 Siebel Session using
a) File -> New Session or  [From IE8 UI]
b) iexplore.exe -nomerge   [Command line -nomerge option]

This way we explicitly instruct IE8 not to replicate session allowing us to open multiple Siebel instances.
Please remember that never open multiple Siebel instances in different IE Tabs! It is not supported and can cause a big issue with your data.

Hope this tip helps :-)

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Frank Martens said...


I've been searching for hours trying to figure out how to make this work.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much! Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

good information, but still it's crap that it just does not work in multiple tabs, which is what IE8 is useful for......
I guess one feels that Siebel is already some years old now, and that it's technology is far behind current standards.

Shalabhsneha Katdare said...

Well you can blame Siebel for multiple tabs support on IE as IE cannot handle same application running ActiveX on tabs properly!

Yes the technology & architecture for Siebel is old, but Oracle is planning to roll out an Browser Independent Siebel...so no longer IE dependency!

Unknown said...

This is not working in case of IE9. i had the same issue in IE8 as you have mentioned. And i have tried the same solution as you have suggested. But it dint work then also.

Thanks for the suggestions anyways.


Shalabhsneha Katdare said...


You need to do it accurately to have a nomerge session in IE.
It is often noted that people do not do this correctly :)