Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Myson MTD80X LAN/NIC Drivers for Windows/Linux/OS2

Myson Century Inc ( manufactured a LAN/NIC Card chipset named MTD80X which many low-quality manufacturers like Frontech, Intex, or Techcom used in their LAN/NIC Cards sold in India...

Now the biggest problem is, there isnt a proper driver available for download from the manufacturers site.. They dont have that chipset listed in the products...

Hence, i decided to upload the rare drivers out here for you all..
Original Diskette Drivers for MTD80X (All Windows, Linux & OS2):

Another version of drivers available are faked someone...for getting them detected as Realtek RTL8139 LAN/NIC Card in Windows..but the chipset is MTD80X (Windows Only)

Hope these drivers help others..
Both are working fine..except in Windows XP with SP2..
The Faked ones only list the LAN/NIC card as Realtek RTL8139 in Device other driver change..

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