Thursday, February 24, 2011

Load: Class VncViewer.class not found

Hi Friends,

The other day I started to play around Oracle's new Virtualization product Oracle VM 2.2. Its pretty neat product with quick installation & no much hiccups.

The interesting part starts once you have Oracle VM Manager, the web-based tool to manage & deploy Guest VMs on the Oracle VM Server.

Since the entire offering is based out of Xen's Hypervisor & linux based, the remote console facility is leveraged using VNC.

If you already have deployed a new Guest VM using Oracle VM Manager and try to view its console, you will get an error as in the Java Applet Execution window.

Load: Class VncViewer.class not found

The simple reason being is the VncViewer.jar is missing due to which it fails to invoke VNC Viewer within the browser.  

To install follow below quick steps:

1) Get TightVNC RPM:
bash$ wget
2) Install the new downloaded RPM
bash$ rpm -ivh tightvnc-java-1.3.9-3.noarch.rpm

Once done verify if the VncViewer.jar file is created successfully under

Thats it!
Restart your browser and login into Oracle VM Manager again to browse to the console successfully :-)

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