Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing PID in Adminstration-Server Management-Sessions Screen

Hi Friends,

One minor bug i encountered during implementation of Siebel 8.0 is the missing PIDs for open Sessions in Administration-Server Management Screen!

If you observe carefully; the PID column would be blank for all Sessions, whereas ideally it should have the Process ID Value populated for all running Sessions.
Further investigating, it was verified that PID was not only absent from UI, but also when we try to export the same from command line srvrmgr utility, the result is same.

Presently, the only workaround to find the PID of a running Session would be to find the associated Task to that Session. This can be achieved by noting down the Session ID value showed in UI for a particular Session & then finding the same in Administration - Server Management -> Tasks Screen as Task ID. i.e.
(Sessions Screen)Session ID= Task ID (Tasks Screen)
I know, its a very mechanical workaround, but when those annoying user-related or particular session related issues get reported in Production, we badly need this PIDs to see whats happening over the server ;-)

And yes...finally this has been admitted as a bug for Siebel 8.0 Platform.

Happy CRM Hunting! :-)
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Add Social Bookmarking Widgets: ShareThis-AddThis [How To]

Hi Friends,

One of the most important part of blogging is to reach out good audience. In earlier dotcom eras, multiple link sharing & different link exchanges were used to promote websites.

But nowadays due to the huge popularity of social networking sites, people are much more eager to carry each & everything with them as they keep moving from one place to another and
so a online bookmarking solution is the perfect tool for them.

Having considered all of this, we should quickly sit down & start using this utility for our own blog!

Two very good widget solutions exist online: Share This or Add This

Both of this websites provide professional bookmarking solutions for Blog Publishers including definitive Analytics in order to track all of your content popularity.

Lets review both of this individually:

Share This:
- Free
- Easy to use
- Instant Widget installation across different blogging sites
- Definitive Analytics for Advanced Reporting Purpose
- Registration is compulsory.

Sample Screenshot:

Add This:
- Free
- Easy to use
- Instant Widget installation across different blogging sites
- Direct code insertion also possible.
- Defintive Analytics for Advanced Reporting Purpose
- Registration is only required, if you want to subscribe for Analytics, else its plug n play ;-)

Sample Screenshot:

I am using Add This for my Blog. Its pretty much simpler & easy to use. I would definitely recommend Add This.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Historical Audit Trail Information Missing after Siebel 8.0 Upgrade

Hi Friends,

If you have just upgraded to Siebel 8.0, then be prepared to have a big shocker in waiting! All the historical audit trail information will be missing from UI due to the New Encoded Audit Trail storing mechanism introduced in Siebel 8.0

A major change in Siebel 8.0 is the query formed while retrieving the Audit Trail records:
(T1.RECORD_ID = ?))

All Historical Audit Trail records would be having BC_BASE_TBL column as null causing this issue.
If you are thinking to populate this column using EIM, then it wont work as S_AUDIT_ITEM does not have the required userkeys.

So how to go about populating BC_BASE_TBL directly? We need to query S_BUSCOMP & get the Base Table name for each record.

I have wrote a PL/SQL Block for directly updating S_AUDIT_ITEM which will populate the BC_BASE_TBL for all the historical records inorder to resolve this issue...

I hope this helps to all who have recently upgraded to Siebel 8.0!
Welcome to Siebel 8.0 :)

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