Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Siebel Bookshelf (v8.1,v8.0,v7.8,v7.7,v7.5,v7.0,v6.3,v6.2,v6.1,v6.0)

Hi Friends,

One common requirements we have in our day to day Siebel Activities is the Siebel Bookshelf. Its the ultimate knowledge power house regarding Siebel.

Below are the links you need for different Siebel Versions:

Siebel 8.1.x

Siebel 8.0.x

Siebel 7.8.x

Siebel 7.7.x

Siebel 7.5.x

Siebel 7.x

Siebel 7.x Mid-market Edition:

Siebel 6.x

Siebel Online Help Files and Help Development Kits


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reset runtime Apache access.log & error.log

Hi Friends,

Today morning i got a page from our data center that one of the Production Apache based Webserver diskspace was almost full & most of the space was consumed by access.log & error.log!

Well, i knew this would happen some day since it has been a year we put these machines in Production, moreover we havent setup the log rotation for access.log & error.log.

Now, i had two tasks at my hand...
1) Take a quick backup of both the log files.
2) Reset/Clear the logs to size zero without bouncing the Apache Webserver services, i.e. at Runtime.

1) Took a zipped backup on another disk in the same machine:
bash$ zip /d01/Apache_BK/ access.log
bash$ zip /d01/Apache_BK/ error.log

2) Reset/Clear the logs to size zero using /dev/null:
bash$ cp /dev/null access.log
bash$ cp /dev/null error.log


bash$ cat /dev/null > access.log
bash$ cat /dev/null > error.log

Well, using /dev/null is very effective on Linux & Unix platforms, but if you are wondering if we have something similar to that in Windows, then the answer is yes!

C:\>type NUL > access.log
C:\>type NUL > error.log

Just hope that Windows havent locked the log file with an exclusive handle ;-)
If you have a lock on the file & need to reset the log file without restarting the Apache services, then your only option is to install Unlocker (

Hope this tip helps as no one wants to bounce a Production system just for taking a log backup & resetting its size to zero :-D


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