Friday, June 29, 2007

Connecting Nokia 6600 PC Suite v1.1.0 with Bluesoleil Bluetooth Dongle

Connecting my Nokia 6600 PC Suite with a Bluesoleil Dongle was a big headache!
Earlier Bluesoleil version upto v1.4 worked fine with PC Suite v1.0 for Nokia 6600...but
ever since the PC Suite v1.1 for Nokia 6600 has been released & newer versions of
Bluesoleil coming up, connecting the both is a big problem!

I somehow though managed to connect it, so here are the steps for the same..

1)First of all you need the Bluesoleil Driver (
Please ensure that your Dongle supports Bluesoleil drivers. Not all dongles are supporting
the same.
I used the Bluesoleil driver Version: Release: 060429 (Check Image Below)

2)After the driver installation, install the Nokia 6600 PC Suite, version 1.1.0
Download from:,,59279,00.html

3)PC Suite successfully installed, now diverts us to the mRouter Connection Settings...
There are various COM port options to be selected, and after many trials i found the
correct settings. Check the attached picture to select exactly what is required in your
mRouter Connection Setting Box!

4)Restart your PC

5)Insert your Bluetooth Dongle in USB & start Bluesoleil

6)Start bluetooth on your Nokia 6600 & press F5 on Bluesoleil window. This would search
your Nokia 6600 & list it.

7)Right Click the device listed & select PAIR DEVICE. Feed in any random number, say 123 &
when prompted on your mobile feed the same so that both the devices are paired to each

8)Now double click your Nokia Mobile Device, & the services supported by it would be

9)Double Click the COM Port icon & it would ask, do you always want the service at COM port
automatically activated for this device? Say YES!
Now, it would prompt your mobile phone, saying the PC is requesting for connection, say

10)Once this is done, wait for few minutes, the mRouter would start blinking & say

11)Open the Nokia 6600 PC Suite, & it would say new phone found! Bingo!!
Thats it, take backups, restore or sync your mobile with PC Suite!

If you face any problems in this, just ask!

Enjoy the power of Nokia 6600 V1.1.0 PC Suite & Bluesoleil Bluetooth Dongles!!

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