Sunday, September 13, 2009

The DLL 'SSCEACTVIEW.DLL' could not be loaded.(SBL-DAT-00170)

Hi Friends,
You might have received this long time buggy error: "The DLL 'SSCEACTVIEW.DLL' could not be loaded.(SBL-DAT-00170)" while trying to generate a EIM Report using Siebel Tools.

This issue occurs particularly when you are connected to 'SERVER' Datasource & try to generate an EIM Report.

There has been no Product Fixes from Oracle, but a simple workaround: Use LOCAL Database for generating EIM Report.
If you connect to your Local DBF using Siebel Tools then you will not face this error while generating EIM Report but other inital error like:
Once you clear the initial error, try again to generate the EIM Report & this time it will generate the report without any errors or prompts.
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