Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enabling Dynamic Pricing/Advanced Pricing Capabilities in Siebel 8.x/7.8.x

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This article would discuss about enabling Dynamic Pricing/Advanced Pricing Capabilities in Siebel.
By default, Siebel uses Basic Pricing as its base pricing procedure followed.

In order to enable & use advanced pricing procedure, quite a few configuration changes are required as listed below:

1) First & foremost requirement is, you need to have Siebel Dynamic Pricer License.

2) You need to activate all the workflows related to your Pricing Configuration Requirement.
A complete technical reference is available in the Siebel Pricing Administration Guide
Siebel 8: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B40099_02/books/PriceAdm/PriceAdmTOC.html

Siebel 7.8:

3) Apart from this, you may need to activate other workflows available in the Order Management Infrastructure Guide

Siebel 8:

Siebel 7.8:

4) Need to modify various signals which point to Basic Pricing Procedure, to enable Dynamic Pricing.
For this, follow the detailed guidelines of Tech Note 643 or Document Id: 473914.1 on Oracle Metalink 3.

When you complete the above 4 steps, your environment would be successfully configured for Dynamic Pricing or Advanced Pricing Capabilities.

For Siebel 8.1.1.x & above version, you can enable dynamic pricing at a single click...read more!

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