Sunday, April 04, 2010

Setup.product.install, Utility, err, unable to launch (SBL-STJ-00152)

Hi Friends,

As Siebel 8.0 is evolving, we have new annoying bugs to face!
From Siebel Fix Pack onwards, you might face an error like:

(Mar 29, 2010 5:57:33 AM), Setup.product.install, Utility, err, unable to launch: "\\server1\d$\Siebel_Install_Image\\Windows\Server\Siebel_Enterprise_Server/Disk1/install/setup.exe -waitforcompletion -nowait ORACLE_HOME="d:\sba80/gtwysrvr" -defaultHomeName -responseFile \\server1\d$\Siebel_Install_Image\\Windows\Server\Siebel_Enterprise_Server/Disk1/stage/response/NTOCMCD.rsp" error code: "-1"(SBL-STJ-00152)
(Mar 29, 2010 5:58:41 AM), Setup.product.install, InstalledProductsPanel, err, Not able to stop the server. Please stop the server
manually and run patch installation again.(SBL-STJ-00101)

If you note, i was trying to apply Fix Pack from a network shared location. Like always,  i expected this to work perfectly fine as with earlier Patch Installs, but this time it errored out!

Well, further investigation led me to find out that, the Fix Pack installer tries to install mandatory Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) before the actual Siebel Patch Installation begins...
The OCM installation is launched in a separate typical Oracle 11g Database Installer type setup, which fails to launch when we have invoked the parent Siebel Patch setup from a network shared location!

In order to workaround this issue, you need to copy the extracted Patch Installer, like for Siebel Enterprise Server to a local machine drive where you are trying to apply the patch.

As of now, this is no mechanism to bypass OCM installation, though OCM has nothing to do with Siebel Patching Process as such.

If you do not want OCM, post-installation, re-run Oracle Installer & deinstall the OCM. Oracle has acknowledged that OCM installation should be optional, so lets see when they add the optional functionality in the installer.

Till then breathe a sigh & proceed with the Patch Installation :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information ... but I tried putting it on the Local drive and still I was getting the same error. The I found out the way to exclude the OCM installation. In the base folder you would have the siebel.ini file and find the section which says [RunBeforePatch] and set the value of InstallOCM = no. this will skip the Installation of OCM. All OCM does is collects the information about the Siebel environment and put it in a repository. This is only useful for the Tech support people to get the right info abt the customer's env. Thus this is no good for the actual Siebel installation and can be ignored. Hope this helps ... Cheers Dhaval Patel

Shalabhsneha Katdare said...

Hi Dhaval,

Thanks for this important input. I dont know if Oracle will like this as we are breaking their very fundamental of OCM being mandatory though i know that it has nothing to do with Siebel Patching as such.

But yes, i did knew we can skip this, but since Oracle published that OCM should not be skipped in any way, i decided not to publish in public domain.

Neways thanks for the input.
Please keep them coming :-)