Monday, April 05, 2010

Installshield Installer JRE issue

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Java based installshield installer comes with its own bundled JRE. If this bundled JRE gets corrupted, then you will be in a great pain to start the installer as it will report errors like:

This application requires a Java Run Time Environment (JRE)
         to run. Searching for one on your computer was not successful.
          Please use the command line switch -is:javahome to specify
          a valid JRE.  For more help use the option -is:help.

Even though you try to specify a valid JAVA HOME using -is:javahome option, still the installer will fail to start & keep giving me the same error, the reason being installshield needs a very specific JRE & it wont accept any JRE passed as an -is:javahome option!

Such particular issue is encountered with Siebel Uninstallers on Linux/Unix platform.
Siebel product uninstallers exist in /$SIEBEL_ROOT/_uninst/uninstall.ksh

You need to start the uninstaller by passing the product name as an option:
E.g. If we need to uninstall Siebel Web Server Extensions (SWSE), then we would invoke the uninstaller as:
./uninstall.ksh eappweb

Now, if you receive the JRE issue, then there is pre-extracted Installshield JRE which is corrupted.
Such JRE exists in the Product directory which you are trying to uninstall:
e.g. /$SIEBEL_ROOT/_uninst/eappweb/_jvm

In order to fix this issue, the only option you have is to restore the _jvm directory from backup or copy the contents of _jvm from a different machine having similar Siebel Setup & overwrite the contents in the corrupted JRE directory.

While i was researching on this issue, i came across solution for IBM Product Installshield Installers, was to setup the below Environment variable to successfully bypass this error:

Hope this info helps if you come across installshield issues.

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