Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SBL-EIM-00205: NULL target table for relation

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You can encounter SBL-EIM-00205: NULL target table for relation error while running an EIM Job in Siebel 8.0!
This issue is peculiar to Siebel 8.0 & above as this is caused to erroneous EIM Mapping when you have enabled Case Insensitivity (CIAI) on one of your base table columns.

When you enable CIAI (Case Insensitivity Accent Insensitivity) on one of your base table columns which has indexes on it, it will create another column corresponding to it & create CIAI indexes on the same to achieve the functionality.

For e.g. If you have created a new column on S_ORG_EXT say Column X_A having indexes on it & then you enable CIAI on it, it will create a another column called X_A_CI & create CIAI index on top of it. So internally whenever in application you query on column A, it will be driven by the CIAI Column created & the index associated to it.

This is good to achieve Case Insensitive & Accent Insentive stuff on a column, but when you move forward & run the EIM Column Mapping Wizard as its a new column, it will create mappings for both, i.e. Column X_A & Column X_A_CI in the EIM Mapping!

This mapping of X_A_CI column creates an issue with EIM which causes it to fail with SBL-EIM-00205 error!
In order to resolve this, you will need to manually delete the X_A_CI column mapped into the EIM Table  [EIM_ACCOUNT (For S_ORG_EXT)].

Delete this mapping & apply EIM table changes on the table & then do a DDLSYNC on the server. Delete eimcolrelcache.dat & diccache.dat before restarting the server.
Once the server is up, try running your EIM Job, it should no longer fail with SBL-EIM-00205 error. Also this has been acknowledged as a bug, so lets wait for Siebel to fix it. Until then this is the only workaround available.


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