Monday, February 08, 2010

How to enable CIAI in Siebel?

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I hope you have been aware of the new CIAI (Case Insensitive Accent Insensitive) feature from Siebel 8.0 onwards. If not, i would like to quickly point you to its features at:

Considering you have a fair bit of idea now, i would like to proceed ahead & demonstrate how to actually enable CIAI for one particular column in a base table which already have preexisting indexes (a common scenario):

1) Here is what i am doing, i have a column named "X_A" on S_ORG_EXT with a pre-existing index on it.

2) I have locked my S_ORG_EXT Table project in Tools. Then right click on the column X_A & select Case Insensitivity:

3) Now a configure Case Insensitivity Wizard opens up:

4) If you carefully observe, the Index Strategy is "Copy All" which means we have pre-existing indexes on this column due to which a new column & CIAI index will be created on the same:


5) When you click Finish, the wizard creates a new column & its associated index:

6) This finishes your CIAI stuff for the column A in your repository.
7) Moving ahead, apply this Table changes physically on the Database by either using the "Apply" feature from Tools or doing a DDLSYNC.
8) Once the physical application on the database is complete, you can restart your server & have a fresh compiled SRF to test out the CIAI changes.


How to run DDLSYNC?

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