Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Moving ahead from last year’s huge success of the Prince of Persia: Warriors Within, The Two Thrones promised more for its fans.

The disappointing aspects of earlier games like ‘too dark’ were studied and taken care off here.The game begins with Prince returning to Babylon with his new found love Kaileena…only to find the city under fire.The rescue operations are needed to be initialised, but tragedy struck when Kaileena gets kidnapped by a local villain and killed.Then began the journey to again conquer all forces and regain his Throne.To add agony, the Prince is caught up with the ‘sandy virus’, which is manifested in the form of the sarcastic ‘internal voice’ (split-personality), which loves to argue on the different themes. Now and then it not to be selected away outside - and prince becomes dark-skinned creation in the painted patterns with the habits of pitiless, ruthless killer.

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