Thursday, December 29, 2005

IndianGuitarTabs Search Plugin for Mozilla Firefox (Windows/Linux) Search Plugin is a simple Search Plugin for Mozilla Firefox on both platforms of Windows & Linux
It helps user to directly search for Guitar Tabs/Chords for the site
Since, i am the Technical Administrator for that site, i picked up on the idea by an existing user(Apurbajd) and further modified the plugin for both platforms...

For Windows the file, unzip and run the setup program for easy installation
Note: If the Installer doesnt pick up the correct location for installation...then please manually browse to the directory:%WindowsRoot%\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
For Linux the file
The Archive contains a readme which would guide the installation procedure for Linux..

A screenshot from Firefox on Windows & Linux has been also attached...Enjoy and have fun..

Windows: Mozilla Firefox 1.5
Linux (Ubuntu 5.10): Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7

(Windows) (Linux)


View my(zoomingrocket) original thread on at:

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