Monday, July 26, 2010

Shell Script to monitor Virtual Bytes for Sawserver & NQSServer

Hi Friends,

I was troubleshooting gradual increase in physical memory consumption for Sawserver & NQSServer in our environment.

One requirement was to observe the gradual increase my logging the virtual bytes using a shell script every 5 minutes.

The command was simple: ps -ef -o vsz,pcpu,args | grep sawserver64

To automate it, i wrote a small shell script which will write the output of above command every 5minutes, until I kill the script execution:

If you go over the logic, i have wrote a never ending while loop which writes timestamp, virtual byte information for sawserver & nqsserver and included a sleep command to pause the execution for 5mins.

Customizable Sections:
1) You can add more processes to be monitored for Virtual Bytes.
2) Sleep time can be increase on decreased. It accepts input in seconds, i.e. 300=5mins

How to Invoke:
1)Make sure that the script has executable rights or do chmod 777
2)Invoke the script in background mode: bash-$./ &


Tested successfully on Sun Solaris 10 platform.
Hope this helps you for any other process as well :-)

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