Friday, July 02, 2010


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While experimenting with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control alongside SOA Management Pack Plus, i was getting following Metric collection errors for BPEL Process Manager Partner Link Metrics.

The error description was:
"oracle.sysman.emSDK.emd.fetchlet.FetchletException: java.rmi.UnmarshalException: Error deserializing return-value: javax.xml.namespace.QName; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -916876369326528164, local class serialVersionUID = -9120448754896609940"

Well, if you carefully observe the error description tries to say, "local class incompatible"!
This generally means a JDK Version conflict. If you research further, you will easily see that this happens due to a JDK Version conflict between your Grid Control Agent & the BPEL Process JDK.

You can verify the JDK Version using: "java -version"

The only solution to this issue is to upgrade your BPEL Process Target JDK version. You cannot downgrade your Agent's JDK Version.
Please be careful while upgrading your BPEL Process Target JDK as it might destabilize your system.

Please ensure that the new JDK is compatible with your BPEL Process version and you know correct steps to upgrade the same.
After you upgrade the JDK, restart the Grid Control Agent and force an Metric Collection upload as follows:

prompt:/>emctl stop agent - Windows
bash-$ ./emctl stop agent - Unix/Linux

prompt:/>emctl start agent - Windows
bash-$ ./emctl start agent - Unix/Linux

prompt:/>emctl upload agent - Windows
bash-$ ./emctl upload agent - Unix/Linux

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