Tuesday, June 08, 2010

RESTful Webservices Support for Siebel

Hi Friends,

If you have heard about the REST (Representational State Transfer) Architecture, then you must have also heard about RESTful Webservices which formed on the principles of REST Architecture and gives us a more enhanced form of the Webservices in terms of scalability, interfacing with the systems & easy independent deployment of components.

Good news is Siebel 8.1.1 supports such RESTful Webservices!
It is available in Siebel QF0135 & distributed generally as ACR 599

There are chances that this fix will be back ported for Siebel 8.0 Release as well :-)

If you need general guidelines regarding REST Architecture or RESTful Webservices, then below links are good starting points:
a) REST Architecture
b) RESTful Webservices
c) REST Tutorials

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