Monday, June 07, 2010


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As promised in my first brush with BI Publisher post, the next error i faced was
oracle.apps.xdo.servlet.resources.ResourceNotFoundException "${oracle.home}/xdo/repository"

Well, i simply dont understand why does such nagging errors always come up.

Why does it happen?
The BI Publisher always need its Repository location to be defined in xmlp-server-config_orig.xml
Now had the BI Publisher being deployed on OC4J or OAS (Oracle Application Server), then the default path would have worked as a charm (${oracle.home}/xdo/repository)
But since we are deploying our BI Publisher in custom J2EE server, we will need to configure this path before we can actually use it.

Its simple to rectify this. If you are using BI Publisher as part of integrated OBIEE Setup, you need to find the repository path.
Generally, the repository has folder structure as:

So your BI Publisher Repository path is: %OBIEE_INSTALL_ROOT%/xmlp/XMLP

Now you need to make these changes in the xmlp-server-config.xml file. This file is generally available in your WEB-INF folder where you have deployed the BI Publisher WAR in the J2EE Server.
E.g. for Tomcat: /tomcat-root/webapps/xmlpserver/WEB-INF/

Edit this file & change
<b><file path="${oracle.home}/xdo/repository"></file></b>
<b><file path="$OBIEE_INSTALL_ROOT/xmlp/XMLP"></file></b>

Now restart Apache Tomcat Server & you should be all set for a successful login into BI Publisher.

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Anonymous said...

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JFGrissom said...

Hi Shalabhsneha,

Thanks for posting this... Your post here with a little WebLogic understanding made installing BI Publisher much easier than the documents would make one believe.

Thanks for this you'r the man!


Mani said...

Hi Shalabhsneha,

I was facing the same issue, thanks for the resolution.