Sunday, March 16, 2008

Siebel Thin Client Connectivity Fails/SWSE Configuration/Siebel Web Server Extentions Problem

Hello Friends,

I was playing around Siebel CRM 8.0 Installation (Business Applications/Enterprise Applications)!
One of the most amusing aspect of the setup is the configuration & installation of Siebel Web Server Extensions (SWSE)!

I would like to point here one very common & specific reason why thin client connectivity fails almost always while configuring the first time!
While creating the SWSE Logical Profile, we are asked to give High Interactivity User & Standard Interactivity User

As you can see, i used GUEST & GUESTCTS as the High & Standard Interactivity Users respectively!
Well logically this should be true as its mentioned in the Siebel Installation Guide!
But the biggest problem is, your Database does not have GUEST or GUESTCTS users being created by Siebel.
These users should be created when we fire the grantusr.sql file before running Database Configuration Wizard!
But since they are not mentioned in the SQL Script, they are not created.

Due to this, after SWSE Installation, when we try to access the Siebel Application, we get following error:
"The server you are trying to access is either busy or experiencing difficulties. Please close the Web browser, open a new browser window, and try logging in again.[14:58:04]"

While the SWSE Log file shows:
"ObjMgrSessionLog Error 1 0000000847670820:0 2007-12-18 12:47:44 Login failed for Login name : GUESTCTS
ProcessPluginState ProcessPluginStateError 1 0000000847670820:0 2007-12-18 12:47:44 2112: [SWSE] Open Session failed (0x75eb4d) after 1.0381 seconds.
SisnapiLayerLog Error 1 0000000947670820:0 2007-12-18 12:47:44 480: [SISNAPI] Async Thread: connection (0x1a097e8), error (1180682) while reading message"

Resolutions / Workarounds:
We have two resolutions or workarounds for this problem:
  1. Manually create users GUEST & GUESTCTS in your database and assign them SSE_ROLE
  2. Use SADMIN as High & Standard Interactivity User in the SWSE Logical Profile
So thats the basic reason, why generally the Thin Client Connectivity fails most of the time!
Hope, if you are installing for the first time & having this problem, then by now your thin client must be up & running! ;-)

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Ermo said...

Just tried to solve the same problem using your indications but the problem is still there.
I've added GUEST and GUESTCST users on the DB giving the SSE_ROLE.

Any other idea?


Shalabhsneha Katdare said...

Hi Ermo,

Have you completed your Siebel Database installation?
If not, then please do it as Siebel Database installation will add basic SEED Data into Siebel Base Tables wherein it will create users in Siebel Application (GUEST & GUESTCTS).
Any database user you are creating must be also registered in Siebel Application.

If you are having tough time to figure out, then simply use SADMIN for the time being & once the application is up & running go for the changes.

Make sure you update your eapps.cfg with appropriate user name & password for Anon User/Anon Password.
Also specify the encryption to FALSE

Hope this helps or reply back with the exact error message you received, e.g. SBL-NET-* for further debugging.