Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Setup Related Posts Widget for Blogger

Hi Friends,

I wished this feature would have been available out of box with Blogger! But since that is not the case, we need to hookup custom code to achieve the "Related Posts" functionality.

It is very important to let your Blog readers have a glance at other posts. The archive section is not very friendly to expect readers browse manually to different items. Hence the related posts functionality is a big hit to achieve the reader sticky ness to your Blog :-)

The widget is pretty simple to install! Lets follow the steps below:

Steps for Implementation:

   1. Go to Layout >Edit HTML in your Blogger Dashboard.

   2. Back up your existing Template before making any changes!

   3. Make sure to check the "Expand Widget Templates" box.

   4. Search for the </head> tag.

   5. Add the following code just before the tag.

   6. Now search for <data:post.body/>. In some of the templates this code may look like this
      <div class='post-body>

   7. Add the following code just beneath the code you just searched for.

   8. Now Save your Template and you are done!


    * In order to change the number of maximum related posts being displayed for each label, search for the code below (within the code given in step 7) and change the number "5" to any desired number.

I hope this valuable functionality is easily added by following this simple setup guide!
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If you face any problems setting this up leave a comment & i would be happy to help.

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BuildAWebsiteTonight said...

Hi, great blog post.

For an alternative automatic solution, I simply added the code to my blogger blog template via the HTML Gadget in the "Design" tab.

I chose 5 units to appear at the bottom of each of my blog posts.

This might be something for you to check out in the future.

Love your blog by the way, tons of great info!

Best wishes,
Fellow blogger,

Shalabhsneha Katdare said...

Hi Teena,

LinkWithin is really a nice alternative for those who want a related posts solution showing thumbnails.

Thanks for the tip to my readers :-)